The green economy is growing.


The world is moving into a new phase. The shift in values coming out of the pandemic has brought with it a reassessment of priorities. Long term sustainability, caring for community, respect for nature are mainstreaming. Companies who are actively responding to this shift stand to benefit well. Using our coaching, strategic communication and behaviour change tools, we assist companies keen to be prosperous partners in the fast-growing green and circular economy.

Our Services

Business Greening & Sustainability

For companies ready to step up to their sustainability journey, we provide consulting and coaching along the way.

Support technician

Strategic Communications & Marketing

We work with clients to research the field, develop strategies, provide creative communications and manage dissemination in the media.

Behaviour Change Campaigns

Recent research from behavioral science is providing new insights for improved environmental and resource management for government, business and non-profits.

What our clients say about our work

“Hugh Tyrrell has helped us develop a world class environmental strategy. We could not have got our staff and management to the level of understanding we have without his strategic insight, clarity of communication, caring nature and passion to make it happen.”

Tom McLaughlin

Former Technical Manager: Good Business Journey, Woolworths

"Hugh has a long pedigree of delivering tangible value through green programme development and communications."

Gray Maguire

Carbon Projects Manager

Climate Neutral Group

"The Sustainability Team would like to thank Hugh for his guidance and inspiration."

Ronel Bantjes

Head: Marketing & PR, Mergence Investment Managers (Pty) Ltd

"I want to express my gratitude to GreenEdge for the vital role they have played in SBM achieving the Eco-Logic award. GreenEdge has performed extremely well at their task."

Abubaker Nackerdien

Waste Services Manager
Saldanha Bay Municipality

"As part of the company’s commitment towards being environmentally responsible, our sustainability committee members successfully completed GreenEdge’s ‘Greening your Business’ e-Learning programme, contributing significantly to the implementation of initiatives within the company.”

V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Sustainability Report

Founding director Hugh Tyrrell is one of the pioneers of sustainable business services and green economy communications in South Africa. Author of the Nedbank-sponsored ‘Greening your Business’ e-learning programme published by Business Day, he was also founding editor of ReSource,  the SA waste management and recycling trade magazine.

Hugh is long standing member of the Institute of Waste Management, and is a leading specialist in designing communication and behaviour change campaigns to increase participation in recycling. He has a degree in Sociology and English Literature from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Married with two children, Hugh enjoys estuary fishing and compost-making, and is founder and vice-chair of NPO TreeKeepers Cape Town.

GreenEdge is carbon neutral
Our voluntary emissions offsets are purchased through PACE Credible Carbon and contribute to the Kuyasa Housing Project, Cape Town.

Level 4 EME, 100% procurement recognition and national CSD registration
GreenEdge is a Level 4 EME exempted micro-enterprise contributor with 100% procurement recognition, and is registered on the national government Central Supplier Database (CSD).

Latest News

Reframing waste removal services to raise their status

Reframing waste removal services to raise their status

Waste management is not a particularly pretty business but it does play an important role in keeping our environment clean and healthy.  This WasteMart truck will soon be collecting refuse from Cape Town businesses while carrying a compelling message. Reframing waste...

We are all in this together

We are all in this together

One of the insights coming out of the pandemic is a realisation that however smart we might think we are, we are vulnerable as a species. Our  apparent cleverness so far has allowed us the hubris to assume that we are better adapted than other creatures on Earth....

Building back sustainably

Building back sustainably

The pursuit of growth and profit at all costs has been put on pause and reset. As we come out of the pandemic, a path with more caring and respect for people and our environment is becoming core to business strategy, as well as government policy around the world. The...

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