We are all in this together

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Blog

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One of the insights coming out of the pandemic is a realisation that however smart we might think we are, we are vulnerable as a species.

Our  apparent cleverness so far has allowed us the hubris to assume that we are better adapted than other creatures on Earth. We forget however that ‘higher intelligence’ is simply an experiment in evolution.

So there will be mistakes along the way, and learnings if we have humility and wisdom enough to understand where we might have taken a wrong turn, and what a wiser way may be.

This pause in the headlong path we’ve been following for the past 150 years or so has also given us time to reconsider our relationship with non-humans, the damage we have done, and the debt we to owe them.

Slowly and somewhat reluctantly, we may be climbing down off our self-made and increasingly unsteady pedestal, to join hands with our fellow species in caring for each other and the beautiful, precious planet we all call home.


– Hugh Tyrrell is director of GreenEdge, a sustainable development communication and engagement consultancy.

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