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Ogilvy Earth South Africa Survey 2011

The results of the Ogilvy Earth South Africa Survey 2011 emphasise the importance of organisational reputation and show, amongst other things, the following: 85% of respondents would boycott a company or brand if they suspected it was acting in an irresponsible or...

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Nature Makes Us Nicer People, New Study Says

Source: Published: Thursday, October 15, 2009 Don't disregard those wall calendars showing far-off nature scenes quite yet. It just might make you a more caring, community-oriented, and generous person. A new study by the University of Rochester found...

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Encouraging Responsible Recycling

There is a large body of research looking at the question of why we do or don’t recycle. While the results of this research vary widely, a few key things emerge. Firstly, our attitude toward the environment is not a big factor in whether or not we recycle.  For...

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