Mergence Case Study: From recycling to sustainability

Feb 9, 2022 | Case Studies

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Mergence Investment Managers (Pty) Ltd is a majority black owned financial services company founded in 2004 in Cape Town with a strong focus on impact investing and more than a billion rand of investment in renewable energy projects.

At first, recycling bins were installed in the cafeteria area but few staff were recycling. The Chief Operations Officer (COO) contacted GreenCape, the Western Province government’s green economy agency who recommended sustainable change consultancy GreenEdge, to guide their green business journey.

A sustainability team was convened and the company’s environmental footprint was measured. Team members were assigned to measure water, waste, and energy use.

Electricity and water data were gathered from utility bills, and usage reduction technologies installed.

Signs to save energy and water were put up. A new recycling station was installed and a service provider contracted in for collections and reporting.

Carbon emissions from commuting and air travel were calculated and Mergence was able to go carbon-neutral, offsetting their CO2 emissions by installing renewable energy equipment in office premises and staff homes. A sustainability policy was developed and included in the annual report.

Mergence was reaching milestones along the journey and an internal newsletter provided positive feedback to staff and clients. As the COO stated: “This is very inspiring. We can now truly say that we walk the talk.”

Mergence had set aside budget, formed an active team backed by management, and pursued their goals with experienced guidance to be well on their way to sustainability.

Operations, SHEQ and facility managers in other companies will find this combination useful on their own sustainability journeys.

Contact: Hugh Tyrrell
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