A time to pause, reflect and reset

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Blog

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The global pandemic and subsequent lockdown has given everyone pause to rethink some basic priorities. The hectic pace of business and trade slowed to a crawl and allowed a space for caring, compassion and co-operation.

A small contribution I developed for a business partner has been a series of COVID-19 ‘Wellbeing’ tips for employees. Sent out on the company’s WhatsApp groups and reaching over 1000 staff, the lockdown tips topics included keeping kids busy and happy, home-schooling tips, maintaining relationships, access to online books and starting a garden.

The message of the exceptionally talented and committed Lindi Nolte is timely. Born and raised in Rustenburg, brought up to appreciate South Africa’s wild places and now living in North America, she trained as a spoken word poet and is now inspiring high school youngsters. A powerful force of nature herself: See her brilliant TEDTalk ‘A Love Poem to our Earth’ here.

– Hugh Tyrrell/GreenEdge

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