In another SMILE FM interview, hear  some of the benefits  to greening your business and  how to take key action steps to sustainability.


Why  should a business go green?

  • People are changing and there is greater understanding that environmental issues  – eg water, waste, oceans – are  important  and this is reflected in how they choose what to buy and who to buy from.
  • Social media is also increasing pressure on companies to be transparent about how their businesses and operations impact on the environment and communities they work in.
  • There are business risk factors in not joining the move to greening and sustainability can lead to loss of brand value and revenue.

Business benefits to greening

  • Cost savings through greater operational focus on resource savings – ie energy, water, waste in the company
  • Staff motivation and productivity goes up when staff are working for a higher purpose
  • Better quality staff are attracted – and retained longer
  • Innovation opportunities open as new greener/natural products or additions to existing ranges
  • Attract new customers who share sustainable values – and they’ll be more loyal
  • Greening gives a company a comparative advantage in the marketplace – a green edge – which can make it a preferred supplier to large companies – think Woolworths.
  • JSE listed companies must report on sustainability – so those suppliers who are also on the path to sustainability can have an edge amongst their competitors to gain new business.
  • A company’s greening process also provides good content for marketing and brand building as they reach milestones along their sustainability journeySix steps of the GreenEdge  business greening process:
    • Introduction – why sustainability is important in business today
    • Measuring your eco-footprint ( and compliance)
    • Building the business case and company buy-in
    • Forming your green/sustainability team
    • Setting targets and implementing
    • Reporting, communications and marketing for Return on Investment