Mitchell's Plain school recycling gets moving IMAGEMitchell’s Plain Primary  No 1 launched its school recycling programme on 10 September 2014. The programme has been designed and facilitated by GreenEdge Communications with the support of financial services provider Metropolitan.  It aims to raise learners’ environmental awareness and turn it into action, and also to raise funds for useful school projects.

The participation of parents and families is key.  Learners were  given magnetised information cards to stick on the fridge at home as a reminder of how and what items to recycle. They were also provided with branded drawstring bags in which to collect and bring in their recyclable items from home to school each week.

All paper, cardboard, plastic and tins – except wet or food-contaminated items or glass (because of the risk of breakage) – are brought in. Cape Waste, a recycling company, then picks up the recyclables and refunds the school a portion of their value.

The school has also joined the WESSA Eco-Schools programme to deepen environmental learning, with recycling as the initial year’s theme.

The first funding target is for benches at the school gates made from recycled plastic. More will be sited in the school grounds. With learners and families getting into the recycling routine, the momentum is growing  and the school is well on its way to reach its targets.